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I am a Cincinnati-based, self-taught artist & creative, with a love for the abstract.

Originally from Southeast Ohio, I grew up watching my mother paint and craft.

My attraction to art began at an early age but, as life got in the way,

art hid under the rug, and so did my confidence, until recently.


Now art spills out in all that I do. I am so blessed by it. I hope you will be as well!

I paint from dreams, visions, and other inspirations. My medium of choice is acrylic,
as it gives me a sense of gratification when I can quickly see the end results of a project. 
Many of my pieces involve bold, vibrant color, as the intensity often excites my
imagination and the painted images speak to me.


I hold a BS in Communication from the Ohio University Scripps School of Journalism.
I am a proud "Bobcat" and 1st generation college graduate.

My home art studio is my place of refuge for peace and inspiration. My work has

been featured in local juried shows in Cincinnati including Clifton Cultural Art Center,

Sharonville Cultural Arts Center, and Kennedy Heights Arts Collective

of which I am a member.

Please check out my unique art in my slide show below. 
Feel free to email me for close-up pics of your art selection.

I will reply to your email within approximately 24 hours or less.

To purchase my artwork, please check out
My Shop.

Thank you so much for supporting my work

~ TJ

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