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My handmade art jewelry is wearable art that's fashionable and makes a bold statement. 
Some designs are made from sections of my abstract painting drips or upcycled pieces

that I craft into unique treasures. No two pieces are alike. For my beaded jewelry,

I often use semi-precious stones, natural shell, and wire wrap.

Please check out my unique art jewelry in my slide show below. 
Please feel free to contact me for close-up pics of your art selection.

I will reply to your email within approximately 24 hours or less.

To buy a piece of my art jewelry, please check out
My Shop.
Thank you so much for supporting my artwork. 

~ TJ

Cincinnati Ohio Art Gallery

Art Jewelry is one of the names given to jewelry created by studio craftspeople.

As the name suggests, art jewelry emphasizes creative expression and design

Here is some more information about Art Jewelry for all of you art lovers like myself.

Please check out my original art in my shop.

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