TJ Smith is a Cincinnati-based, self-taught, abstract artist and jewelry maker.  She is a native of Southeastern Ohio. and a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, with a B. S. degree in Journalism. 

TJ discovered her love for abstract art at an early age and reconnected with painting later in life. She says abstract art allows her to color outside of the lines.  With each color and stroke of the brush she uses, she tells a different and more vibrant story. TJ shares her love for the abstract using mixed medias; painting on canvas, tile, fabric, and more. 

TJ’s artwork has been selected for juried shows including the CCAC's Golden Ticket, and Sharonville Cultural Art Center's Art North Show.  Her work has also been featured in numerous local art shows around Cincinnati, including Art on Vine, Vinkolet Art and Wine Festival, The Westwood Art Festival, and Artworks Secret Artist exhibits.  She is a member of the Kennedy Heights Arts Collective.

TJ hopes that her artwork will stimulate your imagination as you interpret each piece in your own unique way.